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Gym Layout & Design Services 

A new or existing gym should have a sensible layout with equipment that compliments the goal of the facility. SuperPHIT offers gym layout consultations to draw the plan for a great facility. We also offer full cycle service layout and design  which includes any or all of the following to get the facility up and running well.

  • Virtual room layout provided
  • Equipment ordering
  • Facility outfitting
  • Fitness Equipment installation, setup and testing
  • Audio/Visual equipment configuration and installation

Equipment Repair & Maintenance

All fitness equipment has a schedule of required maintenance. SuperPHIT offers services to ensure that those schedules are kept and your equipment is running as it should. We also offer repair services for those inevitable times when equipment does malfunction or extended wear simply takes a tole.

Gym Operations Services

Gyms and fitness centers that are membership and service based need a great system of operations. With over 13 years of facility and operations management experience of clubs of all sizes, SuperPHIT will put the perfect operations processes in place for you to get your club running efficiently.

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